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Why Talk of Toy Story 4 Has Us Hungry for Space Pizza

Like every other Pixar junkie out there, we were jumping up and down (and stocking up on tissues for the inevitable crying) when word came out earlier this week that Toy Story 4 is coming in Summer 2019.

In case you missed the teaser trailer while living under a rock, here you go:

Seeing all of our Toy Story friends in one place got us thinking about all of the other adventures we've shared with Woody and Buzz, which takes us back to the original Toy Story and the scene where our heroes explore Pizza Planet.

So you can relive 1995, here's the scene:

Pretty wonderful, right?

But that's still not quite the reason Toy Story 4 has us hungry for pizza from outer space. No, watching that scene reminded us that Disneyland (relatively) quietly opened a Pizza Planet earlier this year—and you can actually buy Pizza Planet pizza there!

That has us hungry for Pixar-inspired pizza. In case you're wondering what the pizza looks like, we've got you covered:

If you didn't want to watch all of it, know this: As pizza aficionados at exit4pizza, we have to admit they put on a pretty good presentation at Pizza Planet. The woman in the video also says that the cheeseburger pizza tastes just like a McDonald's Big Mac.

Get Your Toy Story Fix in Pittsburgh

We don't have a Toy Story pizza at exit4pizza, but that doesn't mean we'll never have one. In fact, if you've seen our extensive menu or been to our store before, you'll know we average about one new pizza per month—and we're always looking for new recommendations from fans!

So, if you're looking for the best pizza in Pittsburgh, hop on 28 and jump off Exit 4 (or order online). You can mix and match toppings until your heart's content.

And if you time it right, we might even have a our version of a space pizza on the menu!

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