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Top 5 Pizza Delivery Stories: Incredible Tales From Drivers

As professional dough slingers, we've delivered plenty of pizzas since we opened back in May 2018. In that short amount of time, we've learned one important fact of life: Pizza delivery professionals have the best stories.

We're still compiling our best stories at exit4pizza, but we've scoured the internet for history's top delivery tales. Here are our favorites.

Confused for a Criminal

While delivering to an apartment complex, the driver found the correct apartment number and knocked. No one showed up, so the driver tried a few more times. Unsuccessful, the driver headed back to the car, only to realize he was at the wrong building. So, he headed across the street to the other complex and successfully delivered the pizza.

Returning to his car, he was swarmed by police cars and officers. Turns out, the first apartment was home to someone who'd been sexually assaulted the day before, and the driver looked like the perpetrator. Instead of letting the driver go, the police escorted him back to the pizza shop to confirm his identity.

Pizza Delivered in Record Time

Upon knocking, the door was opened by an eight-year-old boy who stared wide-eyed at the driver. He couldn't say a word, even when the driver asked, "Did you order a pizza?" After a few seconds of bewilderment, some adults walked by the hallway and laughed at the kid's reaction.

There were a few families staying in the house, and someone had ordered a pizza 30 minutes prior. That's the pizza the driver was carrying. But only moments before, another family had ordered a pizza—and the driver had rang the doorbell immediately after that.

The amazed child thought the pizza had been delivered in mere seconds.

Be Friendly With Your Neighbors

A driver near the University of Missouri delivered to an apartment at 2:00 AM. After knocking repeatedly, the driver failed to get a response. During this process, the customer's neighbor walked out of his apartment and explained the customer often orders food and then immediately falls asleep.

The neighbor led the driver into the customer's apartment, and, sure enough, the customer was passed out on the couch. The neighbor signed for the pizza and left a big tip. Afterwards, he took a huge bite out of two slices of pizza, tossed a slice onto the customer, then threw the rest of the pizza across the living room.

A Delivery Saved by the Police

On a normal delivery to a popular hotel chain, one driver pulled into the parking lot to see police cars everywhere. The driver's immediate thought: "Please don't be my customer."

In approaching the room, the driver locked eyes with a man in handcuffs. The handcuffed individual turned and mumbled something to the nearest police officer.

The policeman turned around and grabbed money off the hotel dresser, then exchanged the cash for the pizza.

No idea if the customer got to enjoy any of the pizza, because he was soon hauled off in the paddy wagon.

'No, I'm Not a Taxi!'

An uneventful delivery went wrong when an intoxicated member of the public tried to get into the driver's car, thinking it was a taxi. Unable to understand the driver in his drunken state, the outstanding citizen continued to try to climb into the passenger's seat.

Eventually, the driver literally kicked the would-be traveler out of the car and sped off down the street with the door wide open. It didn't close until physics took care of the problem around the next hard right turn.

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