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Pizza and Football Facts: A Wonderful, Beautiful Love Story

Football player carrying a slice of pizza
Definitely not a poorly Photoshopped image and definitely a real photo of a football player carrying a slice of pizza.

Great news, exit4pizza fans: October is National Pizza Month! It's also the month the NFL and other football leagues start getting really serious. With both of these factors at play, we wanted to examine the beautiful relationship between our favorite delicacy and America's most popular sport.

5 Important Facts About Pizza and Football

1. Surprise, surprise. Super Bowl Sunday has historically been the best-selling day for pizza shops all over the country. In fact, there was an estimated 12.5 million pizzas sold on Super Bowl Sunday in 2017. Assuming the average pizza was a 14-incher, that would be enough pizza to cover more than 2,700 football fields. That's also assuming our math is right. So don't quote us on that. Or do. But note that we're not mathematicians.

Football field
Super Bowl pizzas could fill, like, 2,700 of these. Maybe.

2. Pizza and football both owe a great deal to cows. For Pizza Hut alone, 170,000 cows are needed each year to produce more than 300 billion gallons of milk to create 300 million pounds of cheese. And contrary to popular belief, modern football "pigskins" are actually made from cow leather. It's a great example of using the entire animal.

This football may have once provided the cheese for an exit4pizza pie.

3. In 2016, former NFL linebacker Napoleon Harris (who was serving as both a state senator and the owner of Beggars Pizza in Illinois at the time) ran a late-night delivery to four crooks who tried to jump him. The four assailants were unable to completely overpower the 6'3", 250-pound gentleman. They dashed off with his wallet and the pizzas, but they were later tracked down by police. And if you like this story, you'll love our post about wild pizza deliveries.

4. Last year, a lengthy weather delay interrupted a Penn State-Michigan State football game. The delay was so long, Penn State players started eating their post-game pizza. The carbo-loading technique ultimately failed to Michigan State's power nap strategy. Michigan State edged out PSU by 3 points in the final quarter.

5. In European football (Yes, that's soccer. And, yes, we tricked you into reading about soccer in a post about American football!), Barcelona star Lionel Messi endured a lackluster 2014 season. The reason, sporting director Carles Rexach claimed, was because Messi ate too much pizza.

Now, if all of this talk of pizza makes you hungry, check out our NFL Sunday special, or head to our menu for a full list of our exit4pizza specialties.

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