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Pittsburgh's Biggest Pizza of 2019: The George?

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

The George Pizza
Hubba hubba.

Soon after we opened up shop in Etna last year, two things happened:

1. We earned a dedicated group of loyal regulars.

2. We started whipping up our own signature recipes.

One of those was The George, which we announced on Facebook back on August 5:

"It is our pleasure to introduce exit4pizza's newest specialty pie - The George. Named after the gentlest, jolliest Wolf you'll ever, ever meet, The George, like all our other Specialties, starts with a rich, crispy foundation.

The George might look a regular red pizza, topped with feta, pepperoni, and hot Italian sausage crumbles, but it's radically different. It's not the Asiago or Romano sprinkled on top, or the extra time we give it in the oven to give it that extra little bit of extra char - none of that makes The George The George.

Underneath the luxurious, decadent exterior lurks a subtle, yet profound surprise - fresh basil leaves. Some say that sweet basil, more than anything, is the trait linking The George and its distantly-related cousins - The Fresco and The Bianca.

Others dispute this assertion, saying it amounts to nothing more than scientific conjecture, but everyone agrees that the delight The George brings to anyone who gives it a try is undeniable...

Photos coming soon!"

As you can gather from the post, The George was a fan creation invented by one of our loyal regulars. The pizza design belongs under his signature; we simply have the joy of offering it on our menu.

As delicious as The George is, it experienced little fanfare at its beginning.

The George Sales: A Story of Perseverance

August Sales

In fact, the first month we offered it, only three orders came in. There's a good chance at least one of those orders was from George himself.

September Sales

A slow month for The George, as only five of this specialty pie went out.

October Sales

Once again, a slow month. Four sales. But word is starting to spread...

November Sales

This is when things start to get interesting. The George enjoyed 10 orders—two mediums, six larges, and two extra larges. We'll do the math on this one: That's a 150% increase in sales from October.

December Sales

December was a feeding frenzy compared to the previous four months. Twenty-four Georges went out, notching a 140% increase in sales. Three smalls, five mediums, fifteen larges, and one extra large. If you're following along at home, that's more Georges than the last four months combined. It was also nearly one George per day we were open in December.

Implications for Pittsburgh Pizza in 2019?

Like we discussed with our Exit Four Deluxe, The George is a very special pizza. Once you try it, your standards for what pizza is and what pizza can be are completely altered.

Orders for The George are trickling into our Etna shop, so it's no telling where we'll end up this month. Will we enjoy another 150% boost and sell 60 Georges this month? Or will one of our other delicious specialty pizzas reign supreme?

Ready to try The George for yourself? Order it online or call us at 412-781-1111. We deliver our pizzas all over Pittsburgh, including Downtown, East Liberty, Friendship, Fox Chapel, Garfield, Glenshaw, Highland Par, Lawrenceville, Millvale, Morningside, O'Hara, Shaler, Sharpsburg, Stanton Heights, and Troy Hill. Or visit us in Etna at 183 Butler Street, just off Exit 4 on Route 28!

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