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Matching Pizza and Beer: The exit4pizza Guide to Friday Night

Exit4Pizza Beer and Pizza
How cool would it be if we had our own beer?

Pizza and beer. They go together almost as well as cheese, sauce, and dough. While we sadly don't have a license to sell beer out of exit4pizza (at least not at the moment!), we appreciate those customers who insist on pairing only the finest beers with our finest pizzas.

(Important note: Although we don't carry beer, Roadside Beer Distributor is right across the street—and they deliver!)

We have a ton of different pizzas at Exit 4, and it would take hours to get through the best pairing for each one. With that in mind, we've simplified the process a little bit, with a simple guide on pairing beer and pizza for your weekend (or weeknight) escapades.

The exit4pizza Beer and Pizza Guide

IPAs and Salt

Pizza loves salty meats, and the bitterness in IPAs help balance out the experience. The next time you're stocked up on Founders All Day IPA or Stone IPA, order:

  • Pepperoni

  • The George (Named after one of our loyal regulars who invented the pizza. Asiago, Romano, feta, pepperoni, hot Italian sausage, fresh basil. A true delicacy.)

  • Meatus Extremus (Exactly what you think it is. Meaty goodness times two.)

  • The Exit 4 Deluxe

Fruity and Fruity

Fruity beers pair best with fruity, sweeter pizzas. That means Blue Moon and Pineapple Mana Wheat by Maui Brewing Co. go well with:

  • Hawaiian Pizza

  • Island BBQ Pizza

Stout and Vegetation

Stouts pair well with earthy flavors. You could try Founders Breakfast Stout or the Duck Rabbit Milk Stout


  • Spinach Ricotta

  • The Fresco (Green pesto sauce, fresh basil leaves, red tomato slices, provolone, mozzarella, Asiago, and ricotta.)

  • The Bianca Americana (Garlic Parmesan sauce, fresh basil leaves, ricotta, Romano, and Asiago.)

Wheat and Cheese

Wheat beers go well with cheesy pies. Grab a Ballast Point or Dogfish Head, then consider picking between:

  • Ignacio (Everything that's great about nachos. We just arranged it lovingly on a pizza.)

  • Grilled Cheese Picante (A real masterpiece. Like grilled cheese and tomato soup, but delivered via pizza.)

  • The Cheesemaster (For those who love cheese. Definitely not for those with lactose issues.)

Lager and ... Anything

Lager is a versatile beer that can hold its own with just about anything. We recommend pairing your Yeungling and IC Light with:

Get Your Pizza Fix

If this post has you hungry for pizza and a cold one (we're dealing with some hanger pangs ourselves), contact us at 412-781-1111 or order a pizza online! We'll help you find a solution ASAP.

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