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Five Pizzas Worth Breaking Your New Year's Resolution With

Pizzas in the exit4pizza oven.
Action shot of deliciousness baking.

We get it, we do. When a new year starts, we all buckle down and start to focus on how we can grow personally and professionally. People start hitting the gym, and they certainly try to avoid ordering pizza.

If you're dead set on improving your health through diet and exercise, we applaud you and wish you the absolute best. But if the smell of cheese and sauce still makes your mouth water longingly, consider this: Only 64% of resolutions remain intact by February. And, quite frankly, we were surprised to learn 46% last beyond June.

Here's why we say all of this: If you just happened one cold Pittsburgh night to pick up the phone and call our number, just to order one teensy tiny taste of exit4pizza pie, we wouldn't blame you in the slightest.

Pizza is delicious.

But if you're going to break your resolution, we don't want it to be with a simple pepperoni pizza (though pepperoni pizza is a rock-solid choice, and it's definitely one of our best sellers night after night).

We want you to break your resolution with a slice of pizza packed with all the flavor you deserve after a dough-cheese-sauce hiatus.

Pizzas Worth Cheating On Your Diet With

1. The Exit Four Deluxe. We've talked about it once, we've talked about it twice, and we'll talk about it again. Pound for pound, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better Pittsburgh pizza. The Exit Four Deluxe is a savory experience.

The Exit Four Deluxe pizza
The Exit Four Delucxe. So good, fans have to eat it before posting it on Instagram.

2. The Pierogi Pizza. It's a Pittsburgh classic, and ours is layered in gooey cheese, thick mashed potatoes, grilled onions, and delicious bacon. It's a tasty, carb-filled delight, and it's exactly what you need to dropkick your resolution to the ground.

The Pittsburgh Pierogi pizza by exit4pizza in Etna, Pennsylvania.
All of Pittsburgh's best flavors in one picture. Minus the Heinz ketchup.

3. The George. We've been talking about this one a lot lately, but there's good reason: The George is a complex pie, and it brings as much joy into the world as its namesake. If you'd like to redefine the pepperoni pizza, The George is a good starting point.

The George exit4pizza pizza in Etna, Pennsylvania.
The George. Note the pepperoni overlapping the crust. This is to ensure the grease seeps into the dough, creating even more flavor.

4. The Fresco. If exit4pizza ceased to exist tomorrow, The Fresco would be our legacy to Pittsburgh. Our signature white pizza doesn't pack the diet-destroying might of the other pizzas on the list, but the combination of our signature white sauce, basil, tomato slices, and a complex blend of nearly half a dozen cheeses delivers just as much flavor.

The Fresco from exit4pizza in Etna, Pennsylvania.
The Fresco. Our pride and joy.

5. The Ignacio. If you've been dieting well this year, you've probably avoided pizza, and you've probably also done a good job of steering clear of nachos. Steer clear no longer. The Ignacio is everything you'd throw onto nachos: chicken, cheese, jalapeño, and more.

The Ignacio.
The Ignacio. Turning pizza into a vehicle for nacho ingredients since 2018.

How to Break Your Resolution

Ready to break your resolution with some of the best pizza in Pittsburgh? Call us at 412-781-1111, or use our online ordering portal. We deliver all over northern and eastern Pittsburgh, so let us know what you need. We'll bring it right out!

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