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Exposé: The True Reason the Exit Four Deluxe is So Irresistible

Exit Four Deluxe
A pizza so good, we launched a full-scale investigation.

Ask any pizzeria what their best-selling pizza is, and there's a near-perfect chance it'll be pepperoni. It's the same over here at exit4pizza. There's something about the meaty simplicity of the pepperoni pizza that makes it the default option on Pizza Night.

But dig a little further into our order history, and you'll find the Exit Four Deluxe gunning for second place. There's a good reason: Many people who order the Exit Four Deluxe a single time end up swearing by it. Many who try its complex, juicy combinations only order the Exit Four Deluxe in the future. We're not going to say people are addicted to it, but it may not be too far off, given pizza's status as the most addictive food legally available to the public.

We see it every day. There are entire families in our area who, week after week, order a solitary Exit Four Deluxe. No appetizers. No desserts. No drinks. Just the pizza.

Quite frankly, it's alarming.

We've put it upon ourselves to determine exactly what's so irresistible about the Exit Four Deluxe. Surely there's a reason it's one of Pittsburgh's favorite pizzas—especially around Etna. Right?

How It Gets Made

It helps to first understand what we're dealing with. It starts with our special dough made in our shop every day with a unique, proprietary blend of ingredients. Next, it's a sauce we've worked to perfection after months and months of experimentation. Then comes a unique cheese blend that melts to beautiful, stringy consistency. After that, it's mouthful after watering mouthful of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green bell peppers, and sweet onions.

The final result: A colorful pop of gooey goodness straight out of the oven.

Straight from the Fans

So, we've nailed down the ingredients. But that doesn't explain why teenagers are spending their hard-earned allowances entirely on Exit Four Deluxes, and it doesn't explain why Deluxe lovers refuse to branch out to any of our other specialty pizzas.

For that, we reached out to a few of our Deluxe fans and asked a simple question someone once Marge Simpson about Homer: What makes [the Exit Four Pizza makes it] so damned irresistible?

The Simpsons Screenshot
The scene in question, from "Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife," Season 17, Episode 15. Not exactly their heyday, but worth a watch if you like Ricky Gervais.

From one Deluxe loyalist in Glenshaw: "The combination of ingredients and the crispiness of the pepperoni. Honestly, I think that's it. It's baked to perfection. It's everything a pizza should be. And now I want one."

And now she wants one. Just by talking about it.

We drove further up the road to discuss the matter with another fan who spoke on condition of anonymity. "I think it's a combination of the way it looks and the flavors you get out of it. I mean, psychologically, you see the bright green of the fresh peppers, the white of onions, and all of that is popping out against the pepperoni and the cheese and the sauce... It's a colorful pizza. When you bite into it, you know everything on that pizza is real, and you get a little bit of flavor from each ingredient. It's a powerful combination."

A powerful combination? It's just a pizza, not Penn and Teller. Right? Right?

Penn and Teller
Pictured: Not pizza.

Scientific Ingenuity

Some have even pointed to the science that goes into the Exit Four Deluxe. Co-owner Tom Walko has an extensive background in science and chemistry, and he's figured out how to keep a pizza from falling apart while you're eating it. This ensure the pizza and all of its delicious toppings end up in your mouth, and not your shirt or table.

Final ThoughtsOur research has lead to a few conclusions:

1. The Exit Four Deluxe is one of the best pizzas in Pittsburgh because of its unique blend of ingredients.

2. Fans think it's cooked to perfection and has great color and flavor.

3. Tom Walko figured out the science behind the perfect pizza.

Does this exposé have you salivating as much as us? You can order yours online here, or call 412-781-1111. Then leave us a review so we can better understand the Exit Four Deluxe's attraction. We deliver our pizza all over eastern and northern Pittsburgh! If you're unsure about our delivery range, call us! We can get pizza to Downtown Pittsburgh, Etna, East Liberty, Friendship, Fox Chapel, Garfield, Glenshaw, Highland Park, Lawrenceville, Millvale, Morningside, O'Hara, Shaler, Sharpsburg, Stanton Heights, and Troy Hill.

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